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Getting value from your flowers

If your working to a tight budget for your wedding, then you could think about how many different ways you can use your floral displays.

Don't forget you are moving around all day, be it from the church to the reception, or the wedding room to the dining room to the bar and dancefloor. Often the flowers are used in one location for a matter of hours and then thats it.. you have all moved on

So why not move them too. The beauty of faux flowers is that they will cope with a little more abuse then fresh . Dropping is a regular occurance in my workshop, as well as bending, twisting , squashing and fluffing . They cope like heroes so they will look good all day and long after you have given up for the night

So lets give some thought to designs which will travel easily from venues or from rooms

If the budget is tight think about versatility. Maybe a group of vases which can be used to adorn the ends of pews or seats for the ceremony and then can easily be moved to the dining tables for the reception . They can then be scattered around the bar and lounge areas for the evening reception . And of course you can give them to special friends and relatives to keep forever as a reminder of your day.

Maybe create a statement piece such as the large floral heart which can be used at the entrance to your ceremony , then moved to the entrance to your reception , or placed behind your table, and then kept by you for your wall in your house when you start your new married life!

Faux flowers are such a brilliant investment in something that is still beautiful but will last for years to come .

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