• Ruth Hitchcock

I love days like these..

Well what a fantastic day... it began very early this morning in the workshop making the final tweaks to a couple of vases, before they were collected by a lovely couple who own Kinbrae House in Falmouth, 5 star luxury self catering suites, very close to Gylly Beach.

The day was ear-marked for packing up to head off to the Autumn Fair at the NEC Birmingham, so loads of packing and labeling to be done before piling the boxes into Twinkle the Transit, the latest addition to the Petals armoury.

The boys were a little confused about suddenly being allowed to sit on the front seat when we headed off this morning and then spent the whole journey fighting for the prized seat next to me.... which made driving interesting to say the least !

The day has been punctuated by a series of mums and daughters visiting me for a variety of reasons, some of whom I know from early Petals days and some who are new Petallers.

It began with the arrival of a gorgeous bubbly mum & daughter who have been visiting every six weeks since I opened and who are just a delightful intoxicating mass of joy and laughter.

Another lovely mum & daughter came in to talk wedding plans and ideas (which is always so incredibly exciting for me) and we had a lovely time looking at flowers and colours that would work for the church and reception venue- blue seems to be the recurring colour for weddings which works so brilliantly for faux flowers ranging from exotic Japanese anemones, to soft baby blue wild meadow delphiniums: deep azure clematis and of course the deep and rich blue hydrangea. So many ideas and so much choice for an October wedding that would other wise be very limited for flower choice

Then the next mum & daughter duo on a return trip, with massive enthusiasm and love for the whole Petals thing ( which is always a joy to hear) planning for new home decor ideas.

Finally another bride to be, at a later stage in life with some lovely classic ideas for her colours and design .

What an honour to know you all and to hopefully work with you to fulfill your various dreams.

A very full day with Twinkle finally packed and then back home to do the paperwork and admin before we head off to Birmingham early in the morning.

Wish me luck - its a whole new avenue for me to explore and its so exciting.

I'll be back in Petals later next week, but while I am away my lovely son Jack will be holding the fort, so pop in and say hello .

But please remember Petals won't be open tomorrow ( Saturday the 1st September) as we are both away.

See you soon with loads of tales to tell ...

Come and see Petals on stand 2K60

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