• Ruth Hitchcock

Jumping through hoops...

Hoops. They are the latest thing. Flower hoops suspended above tables, dance floors, entrances.

I think they are a great idea as they free up precious space on tables which would otherwise be taken up with vases or pots of flowers.

And no more leaning around tall extravagant vases to be able to see the face of the person opposite you.

They add interest to the otherwise dead spaces above you and certainly create an atmosphere. They can be multiple sizes, set within each other, cascading down towards the floor, set upright as a backdrop for photos.. the options are endless.

I recently made a floral twig chandelier display to hang in the window behind the head table. The window was otherwise quite plain, grey granite and not a lot on the other side so this was a great way to dress it and to frame the bride & groom .

We hung the display on ribbons so we could get the height just right to balance the window

Its something which could work in a variety of settings to add interest and a focal point in an otherwise uninspiring setting. Maybe hang them in front of the panels of the marquee, use them to create interest in window recesses or suspend them above every table.

I will be busy making them for Christmas too because i think they would work brilliantly over your Christmas table ... and will be so atmospheric. Pop in and have a chat if you would like one for your festivities.

PS- I'm not suggesting we go as big as these pictures, .. but I'm happy to if you have the space!

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