• Ruth Hitchcock

Late Summer Muse

The months are moving on and while everyone has been enjoying this incredibly hot summer, my thoughts have had to turn to the coming seasons and the new designs and flowers.

Russets, reds & coppers are starting to play on my mind and I'm leaning to more green mixed with mellow muted colours rather than the hot pinks of Summer.

I am working with a couple of Autumn brides to design some seasonal floral designs for their big day. The venue plays such an important part in the design of the flowers. Barns and beams are just crying out for a rustic natural feel and i am really loving the deep oranges of the Chinese Lantern flowers, which work perfectly wound into natural garlands with hops and ivy, adding a pop of colour when draped over the ceiling beams, which would otherwise swallow up the colours of the designs.

My days are largely spent musing over Tuscan ochre sunflowers, deep cherry red Chrysanthemum, delicate tissue paper thing amber poppies, maple leaves ... you can almost smell the bonfires.

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