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Petals-Crafts launches

After a successful career as faux floral designer, building a European network of high end stockists, my wrists gave up and forced me to rethink everything , as well as take a lot of ibuprofen !

Not one to give up and walk away from something i love I knew i could find a way to carry on and work with all my beautiful flowers and craft products

When i started as a designer i found it really difficult to source really good quality products that didnt' look cheap and plasticky

I spent a lot of time, and made a lot of mistakes , until i found the right stems and materials that allowed me to create the most beautiful , high quality products. I knew i'd got it right when the Harrods buyers stopped at my stand at the Spring Fair and I went on to create a bespoke range of Christmas Designs for their Luxury Home & Christmas Shop in 2019 !

So now i want to offer you that choice, that certainty that you are getting something lovely and really good quality so you can make something you are proud of. It wont' always be the cheapest, but it will be beautiful. If it's not the best quality, or if it feels a bit stiff then I will tell you ! With me you get what you pay for .. and i won't try and pretend its any different

SO trust me to provide you with things that i am proud to send out. It's more important to me that you love it.

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