• Ruth Hitchcock

So the question has been popped ...

Now you can start to plan and design to your hearts content to make sure you have the most magical day with memories that will warm you forever.

Let your imagination run wild, follow your heart, come up with dreams, ideas, wishes and desires. Don't be tied to what you think you SHOULD do... instead follow those dreams you have always had about how your wedding day would be.

Start a scrapbook of ideas torn out of magazines, add your sketches, swatches of material and colours. Create a pinterest board and save your favourite styles, designs, colours.

To start with just find everything that appeals to you instantly- don't over think it.

Then sit back and look at what you have created and you will see a theme. There will be one colour that shines through, one flower that dominates, one theme that you lean towards

Now you have the beginnings of making your dreams a reality.

Now you are ready to start ....how exciting

#weddingplans #weddingflowers #everlasting #flowers

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