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The Winner is ...

So we have a winner ⁠

I want to thank you all for sharing your stories with me on Instagram and Facebook . I have been so touched by the amount of you who have written something.⁠

To be honest I would like to give everyone a prize but I have to pick someone to be the winner and it has to be @paualreadsalot. I will repost her story below and hope when your read it you will see why she has won. I think in the current awful times we are all enduring, it shows such love & thought from her wonderful husband who went to so much effort to make her feel better and as she says, after 37 years of marraige, romance is not dead for them. It really warms my heart to think he would do something so thoughtful to make her feel better. ⁠

There are several others who were so close for different reasons, that i have decided to send them a heart as a bit of a runners up prize. They are @Christinecrafts666 for her romantic dinner partner getting all his free meal vouchers out to pay for their dinner. Then there is @lel_444 for her marvelous family and their 50th birthday gifts to her and finally @ey_up_flower_wreaths for her cheeky sleep walking episode which made me laugh for a long time. ⁠

SO thank you all for joining in and embracing the whole idea of this giveaway & here is the winners story:⁠

My husband and I are together 37 years and you would think romance is long dead but let me tell you a little heartwarming story. We usually take a winter break to Lanzarote, it didn't happen last year, not looking likely this year either. We stay in the same area and have a favourite spot for breakfast which is like something from a holiday brochure. Blue skies, blue sea, palm trees and the light would make you feel better just being there. I was bemoaning the grey January skies here and the lack of sun before I went to work one day. When I came home that evening the French doors in the dining room were covered with photos of our favourite spot. I was really touched.❤️❤️⁠

⁠Have a wonderful Valentines Weekend and see you on the other side xx⁠

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